Fairies vs. Goblins

This Story is: Fiction & Fabel

There once lived a wise child named Fionn in Castleconnell. One day, he was going on a walk down the nature trail and a tree was down, so he went under it. Suddenly, a portal opened and Fionn got sucked into a mysterious fairy land. He always heard about the fairies from his kind aunty, but he never believed it.

It was beautiful and summery. There were deer, flying unicorns and lovely waterfalls Fionn was very happy. Then, a fairy came up behind Fionn, his name was Hercules. He told Fionn why himself and the goblins were at war. The greedy goblins were trying to take their land.

Fionn decided to help the fairies to plan an attack on the goblins. Fionn and the fairy army went across the border into the goblin land. They had to disguise themselves as goblins, so they would not get caught. They arrived at the goblins king castle, his name was Grindle and he had loads of bodyguards. When Grindle went to the bathroom, they followed him in as well. Hercules got his rainbow and arrow out and shot Grindle straight through his chest. When Grindle’s bodyguards came in and saw him dead it started a war that went on for 20 million years. The fairies won the war and they got the whole island.
Fionn decided to go home, so the fairies gave him a shrine of good luck and promised to always protect Castleconnell. Fionn went back to the real world, 20 million years in the fairy land was only one hour in the real world, so they all lived happily ever after… except the goblins.

This story is Fiction & Fabel