Saturday Morning Walk

This Story is: True Story

Saturday morning walk

We leave our house and pass the school
To the shortcut we make our way
Ready now to hear the trees
And what the birds might say

Up to the Dublin Road we stride
Turn right and on we go
Making our way to Daly’s Cross
A route we all well know

As on our right, we pass Shane’s seat
With Lee’s shop on our left
I’m reminded of loved ones lost
And families bereft

As on we stride, our loyal dog
Molly by our side
I remind myself to cherish life
For time’s not just to bide

Aidan’s on his own bike now
And Maebh will soon be too
And our youngest, little Siún
Has gotten her first shoe

Down Belmont Hill, past Castle Rock
And round by the Castle Oaks
Where we were wed – my Sibh and I
With family, friends and folks

Down the hill, the majestic Shannon
Comes stunningly to view
“Can we go to the playground, dad?”
“OK, but 10 minutes will do”

Go by the castle, then past the church
And around by Shannon Stores
Has any child ever passed by
Those red and welcoming doors!

“Two of them and one of those”
Two brown bags filled with gold
Very often, a chat with George
And some funny story told

Across the road to Tony’s
Something tasty for the dinner
Three lollies with the chicken
Everyone’s a winner

Up the hill, round the bend
By Guerin’s pub we go
A salute to the statue across the road
There’s a hurler there, all know

So proud a hurling stronghold
Many families with an M
Mackeys, Meskells and Morans
And now Morrisseys, add to them!

As difficult as it surely is
For a ‘Well man to admit
Castleconnell, where I now live
Is a picture perfect fit

By Paul O’Connor

November 2020

This story is True Story