Come on Eileen

This Story is: True Story

My roots with Castleconnell go as deep as the ocean blue. For generations, my family has been tied to the village of Castleconnell. Our family has had quite the adventure over the years on the land of Castleconnell however the story I wish to tell you is the story of my beautiful grandmother which starts on the Bog Road.

She lived on the Bog Road for her entire childhood! Her school days were spent in the once schoolhouse now known as the harp centre. Her soon to be dear husband was directly below her in the school. Little did she know that one day this young boy that she rarely saw on those dull school days would grow to be the love of her life. Her childhood was pure bliss but also pure chaos because of her wonderful and occasionally irritable siblings. She was blessed to be the second oldest sister in a family of three brothers and a sister. They were as thick as thieves but unfortunately work was difficult to come by. Nanna looked after children in Killaloe however her sister and brother could not find work, so they had to emigrate. It was hard for her to say goodbye knowing that she might never see them again, but she also knew that this was the only solution. Work was not just going to appear out of thin air. Emigration was the only answer, devastating as it was. Their parting was such sweet sorrow, but it was this sorrow that gave her siblings the wonderful lives they now have in the land of freedom!

Soon after this she married her darling husband. He was a soldier based in the Curragh so needless to say that he was a brave and strict man. Unfortunately, because of his duty she had to give up her duty and look after her children. This was a challenge at first, but she persevered being the strong independent woman that she was. She was a role model, not just to her children or grandchildren but to everyone in the entire village.
She was a lady Mrs. Eileen !

This story is True Story