This Story is: True Story

The phone rings; sorry to tell you Mamie is dead. Being in the eighties , unexpected but no great surprise. Drove to the house and sympathised with Martin, the husband. It was only proper to pay respects to Mamie who had reared four grand children. in tough times as did others . So up I went and said the necessary prayers. Down below we talked of times past and present . We were joined by the funeral director and it got to the coffin, where Martins raised voice, ‘only the best for Mamie’, as I tried to say he was financially straightened s were we all.. There was an almighty crash followed by a barrage of footsteps crashing down the stairs. shouts of Mamie is up, Mamie is up .. Rushed up , as you’d expect, and there was Mamie sitting up. looking well as ever. It took some time to realise The electric blanket was still plugged in.

This story is True Story