Castle Ghost

This Story is: True Story

It was a cold winters day as my mother Margaret Bourke attended for school at Chapel Hill with her friends. It did not take long for a teacher to take Margaret aside and chastise her for not bringing a sod of turf, it being her turn to contribute to the school fire. She and a friend were asked to leave and forage a replacement. Here and there with little to be found, bar two branches bound by a grass tie at the base of the Bourke Castle . Cold and tired they upped the bundle and left to return. It seemed to get colder, with a bracing wind , and a low howling sound ,gathering a momentum as they neared the school. . Consternation broke out amongst pupils, Teacher demanded an explanation, and instructed the branches be returned to the previous position, Hurrying back, they quickly replaced the branches, and gradually
the noise abated to an eerie silence. They returned to a subdued class and a bewildered teacher. Margaret’s friend emigrated to the USA as nurse. (Appx 1918 school period ).Mrs Bourke of CastleConnell frequently spoke of her contact with the spiritual world and it is well documented in the Bodlien Library

This story is True Story